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Woollim Entertainment Merges with SM Entertainment’s SM C&C To Form “Woollim Label”

Woollim Entertainment Merges with SM Entertainment’s SM C&C To Form “Woollim Label”
SM C&C and Woollim Entertainment, the latter home to InfiniteNell, and Tasty, will be merging to form a new label-”Woollim Label.”
SM C&C is a subsidary of SM Entertainment, and by merging with Woollim Ent., will be forming the independent label “Woollim Label.”
SM Entertainment will be in charge of the global distribution of the music and other businesses of artists’ under “Woollim Label,” while SM C&C will be in charge of the label’s functions.
With this move, SM Entertainment is on its way to become a major global music company in the likes of Universal Music GroupWarner Music Group, and Sony Music Entertainment.
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Feel the Melancholy with ZE:A’s “The Ghost of Wind” Music Video

Feel the Melancholy with ZE:A’s “The Ghost of Wind” Music Video
It’s out! The nine-member idol group ZE:A has finally released the music video for “The Ghost of Wind” after teasing fans for so long!
The Ghost of Wind” is the title track of ZE:A newest mini album “Illusion.” It is composed and written by Double Side Kick. ”Illusion” also includes the track “Step by Step” which is composed and written by member Kevin.
The music video shows the members looking melancholy and pensive, portraying the heartache of only being able to stay by one’s love like a ghost. Despite the sad story of the lyrics, the tempo of the song is fast and upbeat, allowing ZE:A to dance a well-timed and powerful choreography.

 ZE:A will have their first comeback stage on KBS’ “Music Bank” later so stay tuned to Soompi for the updates!
In the meantime, if you didn’t get to check out their showcase live yesterday, you can view now below.

SHINee’s Jonghyun’s Self-Written “Selene 6.23″ Tops Music Charts

SHINee’s Jonghyun’s Self-Written “Selene 6.23″ Tops Music Charts
SHINee‘s newly released track “Selene 6.23” has been sweeping various music charts.
On August 8, SHINee’s combined official third album “The Misconceptions of Us” was released. As soon as the title track “Selene 6.23″ was revealed, it reached the number one spot on Olleh Music, Mnet, Bugs and Naver Music.
“Selene 6.23″ is an emotional ballad that showcases the SHINee members’ exceptional vocal skills. The sad lyrics are about a person who is in love but not being able to reach her. It is written by SHINee member Jonghyun.
Another new track, “Better Off” is included in the album. It is a mid-tempo pop ballad that beautifully expresses the sadness of a break-up.
Upon the release of the album, Jonghyun tweeted, “Yahoo! SHINee’s new songs in ‘The Misconceptions of Us’ have been released. It’s the combination of the ‘me’ and ‘you’ albums and there are two new songs, ‘Selene 6.23′ and ‘Better Off.’”
He continued to upload a funny photoshopped photo and tweeted, “After looking at the album cover, I feel the art soul?!” The photo contains a scene from the animation “Attack On Titan” with the giant’s face photoshopped into the face that is on SHINee’s album cover.
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SM Entertainment to Open “SMTOWN Museum” in Los Angeles

SM Entertainment to Open “SMTOWN Museum” in Los Angeles
SM Entertainment announced on August 7 that they will be opening a hybrid entertainment arena in Los Angeles. 

The tentative name of venue is “SMTOWN Museum.” SM Entertainment had considered opening a place in Hollywood for locals to experience Hallyu Wave, but after considering the influx of locals and tourists in Korean Town, the agency bought a building in the heart of Korea Town.
The building is located on the corner of Oxford street and will most likely be the location for the proposed “SMTOWN Museum.” 
A representative of SM Town said, “For long term and stable business promotion in the United States, SM Entertainment USA has purchased the building. It will be in the form of a museum with Korean restaurants, entertainment venues, and showcases that use hologram and other media.”
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(TAEMIN and NAEUN) The two decide to watch “Twilight” to be inspired for their photo shoot

[Recap] Love Makes Us Look Picture Perfect – We Got Married 070613

The two decide to watch “Twilight” to be inspired for their photo shoot. They get all giggly and shy when the kiss scene comes on, but that only makes it more fun because Taemin starts to act a little more natural. Like when he gulps in the teenage-boy-with-raging-hormones kind of way during the kiss scene. The most natural and spontaneous act he does during the whole episode is when he tries to show off to Na Eun and ends up kicking a ball to his face. I went back and watched that scene three times because it was just so perfect and so Taemin. Taemin recovers, and after they try to see how close they can get face to face (result: not very close), Taemin reveals his method of giving Na Eun his number. While the gesture is sweet, it puts the responsibility of exchanging numbers in Na Eun’s hands, and even Taemin doesn’t think she’s going to text him anytime soon.

Taemin and Son Na Eun - WE GOT MARRIED

[Recap] Love Makes Us Look Picture Perfect – We Got Married 070613

Taemin and Son Na Eun (and Key‘s puppy?) are on their favorite spot: on the couch. The two have fun with helium balloons, but it was all part of Taemin’s plan to get Na Eun to reveal her feelings for him. Then Taemin not so slyly brings up movies and not so subtly asks Na Eun if she ever went to the movies with a guy. I love this couple but the whole “push and pull” game is getting more and more obvious and less and less fun to watch. How many more times will we watch Taemin drill Na Eun about her personal life, get into a fake jealous rage, try to make Na Eun jealous, and then grin as he brings up his mother as the punchline. There’s a system, and the system is only fun when it’s not obvious. 

Infinite Shows Manly Charisma in Individual “Destiny” Concept Photos

Infinite Shows Manly Charisma in Individual “Destiny” Concept Photos
Infinite, who is looking toward a July 16 comeback, has released individual concept photos for their new album, “Destiny.” The photos were uploaded onto Infinite’s official homepage, showing off the members’ manly charisma, a change in image from their previous “Man in Love” concept. 
Infinite’s agency, Woolim Entertainment, stated, “The title song ‘Destiny’ is most like Infinite, yet fans will be able to experience a new charm of the group. The music video will also have spectacular visuals that have never been seen before and a high quality. 
The group previously released a video teaser, heralding a blockbuster level music video. You can view it here.
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infinite destiny hoya
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infinite destiny Sungyeol
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